Who Do You Think You Are Kidding, Mr Farage?

Posted: November 11, 2014 in posts by other people

This, from my fab mate Mark, is the last word on UKIP. Marvellous stuff


They Don’t Like It Up ‘Em

If you live in certain parts of England, the recent political revolution has been only partly concerned with Scottish independence and the SNP. While September’s independence referendum absorbed those of us north of the border for months, only troubling the London elites for a few days over some rogue poll results, the central radical figure in English politics was Nigel Farage, not Alex Salmond. Conversely, the rise of UKIP has barely registered in Scotland; with one MEP gathering less than 10% of a meagre turnout, MEP David Coburn’s “success” is not on the same scale as UKIP’s national first place overall in the European Parliament elections in spring 2014. That surprise was troubling news for the so-called big three parties. EU elections allow voters to display dissatisfaction with the governing party, but although “protest parties” traditionally find it difficult to repeat the trick in general…

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