M4 Nocturne

Posted: December 12, 2014 in posts by other people

Pinter meets David Peace meets my dear friend Mark on sparkling form here…


Mark Dawes


M4 Motorway Sign



3.05pm, Hammersmith

So I said to him, we’re paying fifty-three million quid a day to keep us in Europe, and our borders are wide open. Ha! Is that what you want? That shut him up.

Ha ha, when you put it like that Nigel…

I mean, it’s insane. No-one in their right mind…

Do you want me to cut through here and back round again? Get round this traffic?

No, just keep going. If the bloody lights ever change we might get somewhere. Maybe we should have left a bit earlier…

If we get a clear run you’ll be there in plenty of time. Getting dark already…

3.25pm, near West Drayton

What are you doing? Get a bus through…

Somebody coming up quick on my right…

Bloody imbecile. He’s driving like Sterling Moss. It’s a Polish number plate. Bloody typical.

He’s out of our way now…

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