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Athletics was my first love.

Before Italia ’90 turned my head towards football, or the 2005 Ashes beckoned me to the joys of cricket, I loved watching people run.

I don’t see many athletics events these days but I haven’t missed a minute of this week’s World Championships in Beijing. Inspired by this vintage event I’ve been reflecting on the key moments in my life as an athletics fan. Here are my six key races, exemplifying six things athletics has taught me.



I live next to a train station in the southside of Glasgow. It’s close enough that I can wave to our cat from the platform as she watches me head to work from the back window.

I love to hear the trains late at night, heading into town as I get ready for bed. The last one passes just before midnight and always sets me off on a mental flight of fancy: who’s travelling into Glasgow this late on a Tuesday night? Where are they going? What will they get up to?

When I heard the last train rolling past the flat last night, my thoughts turned to the Arches.


Want to feel old? The first Elastica album was released twenty years ago this month. Twenty years!

It’s a bit of a shock to realise that two full decades have passed since I first heard them, but I remain as convinced today as I was at the time that Elastica were the best band of the 90s. Here’s why. (more…)